Real Estate Investing Training Video Risk Free Lease Options

www.localmentor.com real estate investing training video – risk free performance lease option strategy for declining real estate markets. Lock in profits, eliminate risk, skyrocket cash flow, wholesale flip to other investors or keep for long term passive income and equity profits. Discover more ‘real deal’ real estate investor strategies for free at www.localmentor.com free e-course on “How to Succeed In Today’s Real Estate Market” Mentoring and Coaching subject to wholesaling flipping short sales foreclosure fix n flip
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  1. nick9283 says:

    Can yu send me copies of the? contracts you use?

  2. venangocountynow says:

    Invest in? houses during the gas industry boom in Venango County PA! Houses are inexpensive at the moment, but as business rush here to take advantage of the gas boom, this won’t last. So check out Oil City PA now and invest in this upcoming market.

  3. prijectbabi says:

    did u read the rich dad education book ? guide to real estate investing mr mike cuz im bout 2 subsribe? u !

  4. showem88 says:

    I like what you are doing with your YouTube? channel! I checked out a few videos and I like what I see! Great job!

  5. localmentor says:

    @godfrey1977 I have a clause in my agreement that states? what clean up or repairs need done prior to marketing it and who’s responsibility it is. We usually pay for it out of pocket since it’s with our contractors, but we send the bill to them or take it out of collected rent.

  6. godfrey1977 says:

    Hey Mike, so how do you pass on the cleaning bill to the seller? Do let them know up front what they will be responsible for and do you have it somewhere in the? contract?

  7. VailAlafred says:

    Cheating naughty wives? online mworld5.info

  8. RLJ93727 says:

    Hope you keep the great real? estate vids coming

  9. WeBuyHomesNow says:

    Phenomenal sir.? Thanks.

  10. localmentor says:

    @WeBuyHomesNow – it’s possible, but in Commercial you are typically dealing with a more astute seller. These work well with an over-leveraged property with little? equity where the seller is an “accidental landlord” (not so many “accidental commercial landlords”.
    Sandwich leasing is a little more common in commercial.

  11. WeBuyHomesNow says:

    Can you do this with commercial income? properties?

  12. clintcarter says:

    Your awesome.:)
    Thanks for? sharing.

  13. localmentor says:

    typically not but short-saling is a way to create wholesale properties?

  14. jmpndcrew says:

    when you wholesale a property are those the properties? found in preforclosure???

  15. localmentor says:


  16. altha2008eduction says:

    I’m on disability, can I do a lease option and assign the contract to another family memeber so it will? not show up in my name

  17. localmentor says:

    direct response marketing to a targeted list. Same list I’m looking for subject to deals,? these come from houses with payments too high for market rents and/or not enough equity (too much risk).

  18. ward185 says:

    how are you finding your sellers interested in doing a lease option?and does some of the terms scare them away Thanks for any info you can give me.The process sounds like the niche I have been searching for…?

  19. localmentor says:

    should be up and? at ’em – not sure why it was down

  20. godfrey1977 says:

    Michael just thought you should know, your site is not coming up. It reads,
    “Microsoft VBScript? compilation error ‘800a03ee’

    I would love to check it out when it is up.
    Mr. Godfrey

  21. localmentor says:

    Even without the option, locking in risk-free cash flow is hardly a bad thing. One local investor I know put over 50 of these together in his first year or so. That’s 5-7k per month of risk free cash flow on property he doesn’t own.
    Best advice for anyone BEFORE implementing any strategy is talk to an attorney in your state to make sure your doing everything above board. Too? easy to make money doing things the right way to risk your reputation over a couple bucks.

  22. localmentor says:

    if your paperwork is structured correctly putting you in position as a principal, yes it is.
    Sandwich leases – performance based – have been used for years and years and years. tying it in with an option is nothing new either.
    TX has specific laws regarding lease options so in that state you need to understand, very specifically the timelines you must meet – which would likely? not make it a good strategy there.

  23. CashBackAtEbay says:

    Interesting idea (if it’s? legal).

  24. deannatroupe says:

    This video was very good. ? I posted it to my myspace blog.

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